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Park Guidelines And Applications

Wicomico County Parks

Caches are temporarily restricted in Wicomico County Parks (ie Schumaker, Pemberton, Winterplace, etc). The MGS will need to work on getting cache placement in these parks restored, please do not place any caches there until further information is provided. Further discussion can be found here.


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Park Guidelines Update

The Park Guidelines page has been updated. Of note:

  • City of Bowie no longer allows geocaches, however the MGS is currently working on correcting this

  • Harford County now has an approval process. They are aware of geocaching and are pro-geocaching. Form will be requested from the main park office and will be submitted to that office. Turn around time should be quick.

  • There is also a new block on the left with easier access to the areas you may need to find. This was done based on a recent suggestion that the pages were difficult to find.

    If you have any questions, please send me a

    Park Guidelines Page Revised

    The Park Guidelines page has been revised. Information should be a lot easier to locate now.

    Also, please be sure before placing a cache that you do seek the appropriate permissions from the park. I spent some time on the phone with DNR the other day and they’re going to be making some policy changes (edit: which should make it easier, not harder, to get approval). We need to work together to be sure geocaching continues to be allowed on park land in the state of Maryland.

    If you have any questions, please send me a


    State Parks: Running Smooth

    I just wanted to tell everyone that everything is running smooth with the State Parks. They have been very co-operative with us since the guidelines have been established. The process of faxing them the approval forms is really simple and quick. I have yet to have a cache disapproved. In the early stages of submitting these forms, I had to wait for the approver to send back the forms marked approved, before I could hide my caches. But now I do not have to wait. I can hide the caches and fax the forms the same day. If there are any questions relating to them, the Parks will contact me by phone. So I suggest to you, don’t hesitate to hide your caches in the State Parks, providing you continue to follow the Park guidelines. The State Park’s personel are our friends now and our relationship only seems to be growing. So with that in mind, we have asked the rangers to stop by when we have our MGS Summer Picnic, just as we did last year.

    Wrong Number

    On the Central Region Cache Approval Form, the number for Gunpowder Falls fax should be 410-592-8760. The phone number is correct. Just wanted to let everyone know.