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New PalmOS geocaching software released

RayDarLLC is pleased to announce version 1.33 of GeoNiche — the premier geocaching software available for PalmOS based handhelds.
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Mapopolis Delivers GPX Import Utility!!!!

Mapopolis has delivered an amzing utlity to geocachers! It has been a long standing dream of mapopolis users such as myself to be able to import gpx files into the program to use when caching. The idea is this would work much the same way ms pushpin files do. After several cachers myself included emailed Mapopolis requesting this feature they responded!

The first copy of this conversion utilty is now available! With the addition of the ability to import cache info via gpx files / pocket querries Mapopolis is now pherhaps the ultimate geocaching tool ever created!

You can download the utlity along with a how – to guide here

If you own a pocket pc or even a palm based PDA you owe it to yourself to at least download the demo and give it a shot!! I will be posting a full guide on using mapopolis to cache shortly,

For more information on Mapopolis please visit

Great Deals At Costco

Just wanted to give you guys a heads up on two GREAT deals at Costco. 1st they have an awesome deal on two Motorola T5710 FRS/GMRS radios. The kit includes the radios, rechargeable batteries and charger, new faceplates, and hands free kits. The set is currently only 49.99

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Second they also have AWESOME deals on both Compact Flash and SD memory cards. 256 meg sd cards are 55 bux after a 10.00 coupon. Compact Flash cards are even cheaper at 49. These are the best prices I’ve seen in some time.

Garmin Ique 3600 Reviewd

I just noticed brighthand has a review of the new Garmin Ique up. for those not familiar with tyhis device it is a palm pda with a build in gpsr. You can find the review at

Pocket Streets 2004 Has Been Released

While over at I noticed an article regarding Streets And Trips 2004 being released.

The article went on to mention that gps support has been greatly enhanced in the pocket version. I for one abandoned the old version almost right away after seeing the very slow refresh time. Apparently this has been corrected so it might be worth a fresh look. While I certainly won’t be replacing mapopolis anytime soon this might be a nice addition to a pds geeks geo tools.

More details can be found at