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Cache Across Maryland 2016

Cache Across Maryland 2016

Cache Across Maryland or “CAM” is the Maryland Geocaching Society’s biggest event of the year. It entails highlighting the beauty of the “Free State” or “Old Line State” by placing Geocaches at spectacular areas in Maryland. Usually these include local and regional parks, state parks or private entities that agree to participate. This year marks a breakthrough with CAM and all of the caches are placed on National Park Land in conjunction with the NPS 100 Year Centennial Celebration.

Two years ago the core of 2014 began working on relations with the National Park Service. Hours of meetings and tireless effort went into accessing permission for the cache placements. Once the NPS agreed it came time to present to each park “What is Geocaching?”. Once onboard the MGS had began a new relation with the National Park Service that once banned physical cache placement completely. This is the groundwork needed to began relations in other states and involve the Federal Government in the activities we love, Geocaching!

If you are deciding on whether or not to do CAM this year you should consider this the year! It is all new locations and will give you a brand new experience with the same quality you have had before. We are excited as you are and cannot wait till the picnic! If you have any questions please click the forums tab above and go to Cache Across Maryland thread to answer most of your questions.

Finally I want to personally thank the previous core of last year and the year before for the spectacular work they did getting this done. It was a lot of work and it is paying off!

See you on the trails!

MGS President

CAM 2016 & WVTim’s 8th Annual Geocaching Seminar

CAM 2016 & WVTim's 8th Annual Geocaching Seminar

We hope you are as excited for CAM as we are! In just a few short weeks geocachers from all over the region and especially Maryland will be scrambling out their doors to find these caches. If you have never done CAM before you should consider this the year to do it. At 8 AM all the cache information will be posted on the forums and facebook. We also have the email option and more information can be found on the forums.

Before we make it to CAM I also want to invite you to WVTim’s 8th Annual Geocaching Seminar taking place March 19th at 8 AM. This event had a huge turnout last year with over 250 attendees from all over. The MGS and members are heavily involved with the event and support the activities for the day. It includes information for hiding caches, puzzle cache solving, 3rd party statistic programs, and many more. On this day the complete CAM teaser map will be made available to attendees then posted online later that day. Several of the upcoming and amazing “Smart Caches of Berkeley County” will be published as well totaling to 4. I personally had a tour and you don’t want to miss these! The event page can found here .

CAM 2016 and Kickoff Events

We hope you will be able to join the Maryland Geocaching Society for our premier event this year. Cache Across Maryland is a statewide event that allows the MGS to highlight the beauty of our State! As you may already know Maryland is known as “America in the Miniature” or “Miniature America”.

CAM begins on Saturday, March 26th 2016 at 0800 hours. CAM will conclude at the picnic on May 14th, 2016. If you plan to complete CAM this year please log your “Will Attend” on the picnic page.

If you are new to CAM we are adding some additional events on kickoff day to allow cachers to receive and load the GPX files, answer any questions, and for any general concerns or questions geocachers may have.

The event pages are below. Head over to the forums to receive more detailed information.

Cache Across Maryland 2015

Cache Across Maryland 2015

I hope everyone is getting as excited about CAM as I am with CAM being only four days away.  The recent warm weather has finally cleared the snow off the hiking trails in the State of Maryland, but the current forecast calls for some wintry mix on Friday, so stay safe this weekend as you head off for CAM.

For those that are unfamiliar, Cache Across Maryland, (CAM) is the highlight of the caching year for the Maryland Geocaching Society.  10 CAM caches have been placed across the entire state of Maryland.  The coordinates to these caches will be revealed on the MGS Forums at 7:09AM on March 21st.  Geocachers will have five weeks to find all 10 CAM caches.  There will be a code in each of the caches that will reveal where the CAM picnic will be located on Saturday May 2nd.

You do not need to be a member to participate in CAM, all you need is a login to view the forums on this Web Page.

The CAM picnic listing can be found here: CAM 2015 and the 2015 forum topic on CAM which contains everything you need to know about CAM and will be the location of the announcement of the CAM locations is here: CAM Forum

CAM 2015

Maryland Geocaching Society Holiday Swap 2014

Maryland Geocaching Society Holiday Swap 2014

Ho!, Ho!, Ho!, Its that time of year again.  Its time for geocachers and friends alike to sit and enjoy some delicious eats, as we share caching stMGS Holiday Eventories.  Come join us at the Maryland Geocaching Society Holiday Swap.  This year we will be meeting at the Community Association Town Hall in Arbutus, Maryland on Saturday December 6th at 1 PM. There will be a potluck lunch/dinner followed by a gift exchange with an MGS twist. There will be 5 caches placed in the surrounding area (driving required for some), so you may want to come a little early.  Please come out and join us to end another great event year for the MGS and to share some holiday cheer with your fellow geocachers.