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GC4C World Wide Event - 30 May 2009

Wed Mar 25, 2009 9:05 am

GeoCachers 4 Christ is taking a page from MAGC and the WWFM's and is attempting to coordinate "World Wide Events" on May 30, 2009 to celebrate our second anniversary. We have members in most of the states and provinces of the US and Canada, as well as, South America, Europe (UK & Germany), and Australia and thought this would be closest we could get to having our members attend a single event.

Locally, there will be one in Laurel at Cactus Willie's Italian Buffet. I'd never been there before the two events earlier this month, but they seem to have been great hosts. Besides, an affordable buffet seems to be a great option for an M&G.

From the cache page for GC4C World Wide Event - Laurel, MD, USA:
What is GC4C? We were founded by PsYkO.ns of Nova Scotia in May 2007 following some discussions in May 2007 on the Groundspeak forums about whether such a group already existed. A couple of weeks later, he had set up our first forums.

From our website, "Our aim is to provide content that encourages and enhances opportunities for fellowship and ministry amongst Christians of all backgrounds."

These events, however, are OPEN TO ALL and are simply designed to be a chance for all cachers to gather and enjoy a time of fellowship, as well as a chance for GC4C to offer something to the greater geocaching community.

We hope you'll mark your calendars and come out and join us. Don't let Route One traffic scare you off. It is possible to get to CW's without using it. Besides, most of the Saturday congestion is south of here by the mall.

Dave / DudleyGrunt
GC4C Leadership Team

Re: GC4C World Wide Event - 30 May 2009

Wed May 13, 2009 1:50 pm

Groundspeak has retracted permission for this event. HOWEVER, it is still on. I've got an e-mail in with Quiggle, but I think it stinks. I made the change that Q. requested on the part of Groundspeak yesterday and the event is clearly NOT intended to be a religious event any more than a MAGC event is a military event. The Military Association of GeoCachers is not allowed to post "Support the Troops" on member's cache pages, but can hold events. What is the difference?

I hope all who have signed up to attend will still do so, even if they are not going to get a "smiley" from Groundspeak. We can still socialize and have a good time. Who knows, now that it is not limited by GS guidelines, maybe I'll even try to convert some of you. :roll: Sheesh!

I'm not upset with Q. S/he approved the listing with no problems when I first listed it and I was glad to make the change s/he requested yesterday. Will Groundspeak no not allow MAGC to host events, now? Wouldn't the same agenda policy apply?

See the event listings on Navicache and Terracaching and come out on Saturday, May 30 @ 1:00 PM. Event will be at the same location as my Fourth Sunday in Laurel event from April - N 39° 05.735' W 076° 51.075'.
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Re: GC4C World Wide Event - 30 May 2009

Wed May 13, 2009 1:52 pm

double post...
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