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Help finding the list of 27 +

Discussion of CAM, the CAM caches, etc. NO SPOILERS PLEASE!
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Help finding the list of 27 +

Post by gracesgirls »

New girl to the group- how do I find the list of the 27 caches? I tried the .gpx file but can't download it? I don't really understand how to get started using this forum....when I go to the geocaching website that makes sense and so does the app- but I'd like discover Maryland and the 27 plus the bonus cache...
Thanks, in advance. :?:
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Re: Help finding the list of 27 +

Post by PatientRock »

Hello and welcome to the Maryland Geocaching Society! Cache Across Maryland is a great way to dive deeper into geocaching. I'd recommend perusing this forum thread which answers a lot of questions: viewtopic.php?f=35&t=10360

To answer your question directly, here's a list of the 27 geocaches:

This is a list of all 27, plus the bonus caches:

Keep in mind that of the 27, these are the five mandatory:

St. Mary's:
Anne Arundel:

GPX files are indeed a bit more advanced. They can be loaded onto special GPSr handheld devices. (They can also be loaded onto phones, but honestly if you've got the list I linked above, that's easier.)
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