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PostPosted: Thu Mar 30, 2017 12:49 pm 
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I had the opportunity to meet Dillicache shortly after he started geocaching and I have spent many hours on trail with him. He has a knack for figuring out some of the craziest gadget caches and always maintains a sense of humor. Hopefully you will bump into him on this year's CAM trail!

Interview Date: 03/30/17

[b]Caching Name:[/b] Dillicache

Real Name: Shane


1. How did you become involved in geocaching. When did you start?
I read an article in a magazine about a guy who lost 80+ pounds hiking looking for Tupperware in the woods and I thought it was a good idea. Later that day I found my first geocache, that was February of 2013. I did a little research online and found the Maryland Geocaching Society (MGS) site and checked out the forums and have been hooked ever since.

2. How did you choose your caching name?
There is an old acronym that I changed a few of the words to and came up with D.I.L.L.I.C.A.C.H.E. It stands for do I look like I cache.

3. How many caches have you found so far?
Currently I have logged 2443 cache finds. I’d like to make the 2017 Cache Across Maryland (CAM) picnic my find number 2500.

4. What brand/type of GPS do you use?
I started using my cell phone at first but realized it wasn't as accurate as a GPSr so I found a used Garmin Dakota 20. I used that until last year when I upgraded to a Garmin Oregon 600. I still use my phone but also enjoy the benefit of a handheld GPSr, especially while hiking.

5. What programs/software or hardware (PDA/laptop/phone) do you use to make caching easier?
I'm an Android user so c:geo is my go to app because I still use my phone to find caches in an area that I'm in or to check past logs. I have played around with Project GC but I haven't figured out all the different things that you can use it for as of yet.

6. What type of cache do you prefer seeking - traditional, multi, puzzle, virtual?
I really don't have a favorite type of cache, I like them all for different reasons. If I had to narrow down to an absolute favorite then I would have to say I really enjoy challenge caches the most. I also thoroughly enjoy GeoTrails because I feel it brings the history of that area more alive than just reading historic markers and watching videos.


7. Which caches were the most challenging - physically/mentally? Why?
One of the most challenging physical caches wasn’t just one cache but a long weekend of caching. A group of us headed to New York and Pennsylvania to do the PA Star GeoArt , the New York Amish GeoTrail (NYAGT), the Spot, and many other caches with Come Prepared as the final for the trip. It was a lot of driving, a lot of hiking, and a hell of a lot of fun with some great caching friends.

8. Do you have a favorite or favorites among the Maryland caches that you've found?
I really don’t have a single favorite Maryland cache, there so many great ones, but I would say that CAM is my favorite overall because it combines all of the things I love about Geocaching. It takes me to great places all over the state I never would have visited otherwise. CAM combines a few different cache types and ends with a great picnic event.

9. What's the most unusual thing that you've ever found in a cache?
I don’t remember finding anything unusual in caches but I have seen quite a few interesting travel bugs like harpoons and pickle buckets. Mostly I find the usual random assortment type of swag with the occasional pathtag. I did find a real birds nest in a birdhouse in Berkeley County, West Virginia once. It wasn’t what I expected to find in that particular birdhouse. For some strange reason I didn’t believe there were real birdhouses in Berkeley County, WV!

10. What are your current caching goals? Is there a certain cache that you can't wait to do?
I would like to complete challenge caches that I qualify for and hit a few more GeoTrail’s this summer. Getting better at mystery, a.k.a. puzzle, caches is another goal I have. That one is definitely more of a long term goal because Maryland has some of the best puzzle makers. Right now I don’t have a certain cache that is on my radar but I do watch the MGS Forums and Facebook pages for caches that interest me and find some time to grab those.

11. How many caches have you placed? Do you have a current hiding goal?
I adopted a cache and as of right now I’ve placed 3 more. Probably my most ambitious hiding goal is hopefully sometime this summer place a small GeoTrail and host a kickoff event for it.

12. What advice would you give someone that wants to place a cache? What steps do YOU take when placing a cache?
I don't have much experience with placing caches but I think that caches that tell a little about the history of an area or an urban legend are a great place to start.

13. How often do you go caching?
I don’t go caching as much as I like to because of work so I try to get out on weekends and holidays as much as possible.

14. What advice would you give a beginning geocacher?
I started by finding easy caches at first. Then by watching the local forums, I attended a few events and I found a great group of cachers. I tend to learn more by doing than reading about it so I asked a lot of questions and went caching with experienced people who taught me quite a bit.

15. Have you completed CAM in the past? What was your favorite aspect?
I have completed three CAMs so far. I look forward to CAM every year. I love that CAM takes you to one end of the state and then to the other for clues that lead to a great picnic event at the end. Through CAM I have visited places I have only heard of and occasionally to places I have never heard of. I enjoy the sights and history highlighted by CAM.

16. Do you collect geocoins? Of the ones that you've collected, which is your favorite?
Yes I do. I have about 20 coins so far and I really don’t have one favorite, although if I had to pick, I am proudest of the 3 CAM coins I have. The coins with my favorite design are the GeoWoodstock XIII Coins. I also value the Heart of the Civil War Heritage Area coin. Additionally, I also treasure the 3 Berkeley County GeoTrail coins that I earned.

17. What type of gear do you carry with you on your caching trips? What's in your geopack?
I carry the typical “Tools of the Trade” (TOTT). Nothing really special unless the cache I’m going for calls for it. I carry extra gloves and batteries and keep a Tyvek suit in the geomobile. I also carry usual flashlights, both LED and UV, and a selfie stick for group pictures.

18. What is your most memorable caching experience?
One of my most memorable experiences was a special geocaching trip to Pennsylvania and New York. Our group, Tinycacher70, Humphr1d, Bisquick, Brushboy and Brushgirl, and myself went find New York’s oldest cache, The Spot, hidden back in May of 2000. We also did the Pennsylvania Star; one of the two New York Amish GeoTrails; Spook Hill; a Lpyankeefan cache, Little Green Men…; Come Prepared near Altoona, PA; and quite a few more. There were 3 milestones celebrated on this trip; Tinycacher70 hit find number 1000, Humphr1d hit find number 5000, and Brushboy/Brushgirl blasted away their find number 12000! After finding nearly 100 caches we capped off the trip by wearing tin foil hats, a Come Prepared cache tradition.


19. What is your best caching story?
There are quite a few but my favorite so far has to be the Bling Trail Humphr1d and I talked about doing a power trail and she suggested going for the Bling Trail in North Carolina. So she put the word out and Soccertoa, Brushboy and Brushgirl, and I set out for NC for a long freezing weekend. We met up with USNRadiocheif and Irishflea and hit the trail for 2 days and grabbed almost 700 caches including the Bling Bomb (which has been remodeled into The Bling Box Warp Zone Travel Bug Hotel While doing the Bling Bomb Brushboy got wet, Soccertoa and Humphr1d found golden tickets and we all got quizzed on various comic book heros and sci fi movies. We hung out and drank hot chocolate with the CO’s, Team Yo Mama, and drove over 150 miles in a hunting preserve.


20. What do you like about geocaching? What keeps you going?
It takes me to places I never would have visited and learning about things that aren't in any books. I’ve made some great friends and traveled thousands of miles just to sign a small piece of paper in a Tupperware container in the woods. What keeps me going? The next great caching experience.

21. Besides geocaching, what other things do you like to do?
I like to travel and go camping. I guess that's a plus since geocaching goes hand in hand with both.

22. What question did you expect us to ask but didn't?
I can’t think of any.

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 06, 2017 8:46 pm 
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Great post. I do agree that loosing weight from Geocaching definitely helps. When one of the CAM caches was at the highest point in MD, I beau did not think he would make it all the way to the top. But he did and ever since he hasn't been out of breath like he was a few years before.

We are now Mr. And Mrs. Coupleocachers and Proud parents of AmeliaGrace

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 07, 2017 6:02 am 
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We have cached many times alongside Dillicache, and his congenial, laid back demeanor makes him a fine caching companion. Great to see your write up here!

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 09, 2017 10:46 am 
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Thanks for taking the time for the interview! I enjoyed reading it! The way you picked your name gave me a chuckle, especially after my husband gave me some additional information! Thanks again!

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 09, 2017 9:30 pm 
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I've had the pleasure of geo-caching several times with Dillicache. I really enjoy caching with him. Love how you came up with your name.

Looking forward to many more times of caching together.

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