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GC82QFV – West: Frederick hosted by hunterKat
GC82QFQ – North: Abingdon hosted by lpaulriddle and Soccertoa
GC82QFN – South: Bowie hosted by QUE3NBE3
GC82QFJ – East: Salisbury hosted by Pyro1970 and pegasusmoon

Election results

Election results

Congratulations to Soccertoa for her election as the 2019 MGS Vice President. Thank you to CodyHollowFarm for her service to MGS as the 2018 Vice President and for her agreement to serve a term as a MGS Director in 2019. Thank you also to Jercade for her term as treasurer and to FatBaldOldMan for his term as Public Relations. Well Done!

2018 Annual Awards Voting!

2018 Annual Awards Voting!

The official ballot is open! Vote now! Don’t delay, voting will close on January 15th to allow time to tally the results and prepare the certificates which will be awarded at the Meet the Officers event on January 19th.

2019 Officer nominations are closed

2019 Officer nominations are closed

2019 Core Officer nominations are closed. With two candidates nominated, there will be a vote to determine the Vice President. Visit the election forum topic for voting instructions.

Having only one nomination per office, the following 2019 offices will be filled automatically:

President – littleblkdog

Secretary – hunterKat

Treasurer – lpaulriddle

Public Relations – QUE3NBE3

Voting will close soon, please vote as soon as you can.