Farewell, 2017!

Farewell, 2017!

As both 2017 and my term as MGS President draw to a close, I’d like to take the opportunity to offer a few words of thanks:

To my fellow 2017 Officers – Larry, Brian, Cindy & Denise:
Thank you for a terrific year of teamwork and collaboration! It’s been a delight to work alongside people who share the same love for and commitment to this wonderful organization and the strange little hobby it fosters. Having the opportunity to give something back to an activity which offers so much enjoyment has been a privilege; being able to share that opportunity with a team of genuinely good friends has been a gift.

To our 2017 Directors – Robert, Sue, Tom, Steve & Kelly:
Thank you for having our backs with your advice and support! It’s been a reassurance knowing we had an experienced group of former officers on hand for consultation when needed.

To the incoming 2018 Officers – Phil, Stacy, Kathy, Holly & Al:
Thank you for your generosity in stepping forward to take the reins! I have every confidence the MGS is in excellent hands, and I look forward to watching the MGS go from strength to strength under your guidance. I wish you all the best for a successful year!

To the members of the MGS:
Thank you to everyone who supported and contributed to the MGS this year! Thanks to all the folks who participated in events by attending, donating food and supplies, helping with set-up and tear-down, or by introducing new people to our society; Thanks to all who offered support through monetary gifts, donations to the summer auction, or by purchasing raffle tickets, coins, pathtags, and other items at events or online; Thanks to everyone who contributed by hiding caches for events, especially our magnificent 2017 CAM hiders without whom CAM would not have been the success it was; And thanks to all the folks who promoted geocaching in Maryland by hosting so many caching events throughout the state. In short, the MGS is nothing without its wonderful members, and we are grateful for you.

It’s no secret that we encountered more than our fair share of geocoin-shaped bovine landmines this year. Please know that we officers truly appreciated everyone’s patience and understanding as you and we all struggled to step through a frustrating situation together. Your tolerance and encouragement made all the difference in helping us manage what could otherwise have been a complete nightmare. You’ve been a class act, and it makes me proud to count myself among your number.

I extend to you my best wishes for a Happy New Year, and I look forward to seeing you on the trails in 2018!

Fond regards,
Adric (alzarius)