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Maryland Geocaching Society launches 17th annual “Cache Across Maryland” challenge

Spring event has adventurers seeking ten containers hidden across the state

Every year since 2004, the Maryland Geocaching Society has hidden ten special geocaches across the state of Maryland as part of the group’s Cache Across Maryland challenge.

Each container contains a secret symbol. On the forums we’ve posted a special “passport” you’ll need to keep track of the symbols you’ve found. Find all ten and come to the picnic, you’ll get a beautiful coin and a personalized certificate!

To learn more about Cache Across Maryland and how to get started, be sure to peruse this thread on our forums:

Our Facebook Group is also a great place to ask questions and seek guidance:

The closing picnic is scheduled for Saturday, May 15, 2021. 

Go explore beautiful Maryland!

2010 CAM Committee Appointed

2010 CAM Committee Appointed

The Maryland Geocaching Society announces the formation of its 2010 Cache Across Maryland committee.  This year’s seven committee members are: CoupleoCachers, DudleyGrunt, EagleBlazer, Shady, WVKiwi, Team Yinyang, and WeTheMillers.  The committee is responsible for planning and executing every aspect of what has become the Maryland Geocaching Society’s most popular event.

“America in Minature”

The brainchild of Laura & Joe Tinker (Outsid4evr), the ‘Cache Across Maryland’ is a six-week long event that showcases the history and natural beauty of Maryland by placing geocaches all across the state.  Each cache contains part of a code, that when put together, will lead finders to the final event, a picnic and celebration.

2010 CAM Committee

“I think we had a great session”  said DudleyGrunt when asked how the first meeting went.  MGS Vice President and committee member Shady said, “We have a terrific group of dedicated members from different areas of the state and varying levels of experience, the 2010 CAM may be the best one yet”.   The Cache Across Maryland has been held every year since its inception in 2004.   Keep your eyes on the forums, CAM 2010 is coming!  Are you ready?

Cache Across Maryland Photo Contest Winners!

Congratulations to our CAM photo contest award winners! All of the entries were fabulous and we certainly have a talented group of photographers among us. Congrats to all!

Best of Show – Outside4ever

People Category

7 Searchers
Run & Hike

LinKen Hunters


LinKen Hunters




LinKen Hunters

Cache Across Maryland Hiders

We would again like to thank and recognize all of our CAM hiders. Each of you did an outstanding job and it was your efforts that made this years CAM a huge success!!

A big congrats to Richeym1 for Best All Around CAM hide and Deep Creek Local for honorable mention. Way to go!

Myrtle Point – Richeym1
Cascade Falls – Deep Creek Local
Turkey Point – EagleBlazer
Sugarloaf – LpYankeeFan
Pine Knob – FBS67
Mattaponi – Run & Hike
Haystack Mountain – Trainbug
Sassafras Overlook – PrincipalGeo
Eden Mill – Umpire 35 & BasketLadyBee
Centennial Park – TomBearr

May 2008 Member Spotlight

We are happy to introduce Lalynya and Maxboost1998 in our May 2008 member spotlight. Be sure to read all about these cachers in the forums.