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CAM Decoder Is Out

The 2008 CAM Decoder has been emailed out to the CAM lists. Please check your email or see this thread in the forums for more info.


April 2008 Member Spotlight

We are proud to feature the Bocco’s and Two Lovies in our April 2008 member spotlight. You can read all about these two exciting couples in the forums.

Cache Across Maryland 2008!

Announcing the 2008 Cache Across Maryland!

That’s right, the 5th Cache Across Maryland is set to begin Saturday, March 22, 2008. Be sure to visit the forums and event page for complete details. We hope to see you all on the trails!

Event page:

March 2008 Member Spotlight

Be sure to visit the forums to learn more about Chere and SharpShin’ who are featured in our March 2008 Member Spotlight!

MGS License Plates ordering

Thanks to the hard work of Daisychain, many MGS members have brand new MGS license plates on their cars. Now that the initial order is out of the way, you can still get your own set of plates by following the instructions on the site. Simply go to the MGS License Plates link in the menu at the left and it won’t be long before you’re showing your support for the club everywhere you drive — just in time for CAM!