Cache Across Maryland

Cache Across Maryland

Every year since 2004, the Maryland Geocaching Society (MGS) has hidden ten special geocaches across the state of Maryland as part of the group’s Cache Across Maryland (CAM) challenge. Each container holds a piece of a secret code that when assembled, allows players to receive exclusive prizes at the picnic that marks the end of the challenge. Each year, ten locations that best represent the spirit of Maryland are selected to host one of the geocaches.

CAM geocaches are high-quality, family-friendly hides, and the challenge is a great way to get started with the hobby of geocaching, and to explore every corner of our wonderful state!

More information
Cache Across Maryland 2022 is happening right now! You have until the closing picnic on May 14, 2022 to find the ten special geocaches we’ve hidden around the state of Maryland.

Be sure to visit the information thread on our forum for additional important details, and we look forward to seeing you out there!

If you’ve found all ten CAM geocaches, you must fill out both the decoder and the form to receive your goodies at the picnic:

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We’ve got a list:

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