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CAM Gear is here!

Get your CAM Gear here! Hats, t-shirts, long sleeve or sweatshirts check them out! Order by April 8th for shipping on April 22nd for delivery in time for the picnic.

CAM Pathtags are in!

Get your CAM 2019 Pathtags here…

CAM is coming…

Get your kickoff event here…

GC82QFV – West: Frederick hosted by hunterKat
GC82QFQ – North: Abingdon hosted by lpaulriddle and Soccertoa
GC82QFN – South: Bowie hosted by QUE3NBE3
GC82QFJ – East: Salisbury hosted by Pyro1970 and pegasusmoon

2018 CAM coin distribution

2018 CAM coin distribution

2018 CAM coins have been received and were distributed to attendees of the Summer Picnic. CAM coins will also be distributed at the following events during the month of August:

FTIC – August 2018
FPC – National Lighthouse Day
International Geocaching Day 2018 AM Edition
3rd Tuesdays in Eldersburg August 2018 Edition

We will also be mailing coins out to people who don’t attend those events. You don’t need to request mailing, we will hold coins until the last event. If you have already provided your address we will use that address or reach out to get an address. While we have a strong desire to save on the postage, there is also definitely a desire to get the coin in your hand sooner rather than waiting for some event in the future because we still have a large number of coins on hand that haven’t been picked up from 2017 which we will be mailing with the 2018 coins. Also an update for the 2017 CAM coins has been posted here.

and the winner is…

and the winner is...

Congratulations to Diamondback7 (and thanks to Mrs. Booco for helping to bring the design to life) for the winning submission in the 2019 CAM coin design contest! Selected by the membership, his design will be used to inspire the 2019 CAM coin design. Also thanks to Awesnap from NOVAGO for the runner-up submisssion and thanks to drumbum14 (previous 2018 contest winner) for his submission as well. If you didn’t vote and want to see the results, you can see the poll at this link.