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The Maryland Geocaching Society 2019 Officers

The following members are the acting officers of the Maryland Geocaching Society. These members have spent numerous hours working hard for the cause of the club.


– littleblkdog (Phil) (president

Vice President:

– Soccertoa (Kris) (vicepresident


– lpaulriddle (Paul) (treasurer


hunterKat (Kathy) (secretary

Public Relations:

– QUE3NBE3 (Rebecca) (publicrelations

e-mail to all officers can be sent to 2019core — don’t forget to remove the space before in each address.

2019 Directors:

– deepdish23 (Mark) (deepdish23

– alzarius (Adric) (alzarius

– tazscouter (Cindy) (tazscouter

– CodyHollowFarm (Stacy) (CodyHollowFarm

– robert (Robert) (robert

Site Admin:

– robert (Robert) (robert