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Question about placing a tunnel cache

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Question about placing a tunnel cache

Post by manonm »

Hi everyone! I just got back from Durham and was inspired by the frankly unbelievable tunnel caches in that city. I'm fortunate enough to have one of Baltimore's famous buried rivers running through my backyard, with the outlet to it around 1/3 mile away. I would LOVE to (1) check out the tunnel and see if I can make it to the grate in our backyard and (2) eventually put a cache there.

Does anyone have experience finding or hiding tunnel caches? I unfortunately didn't have the gear in NC to attempt any of the ones down there. Is there a moderator I could get in touch with who might be able to help me make sure everything is aboveboard?

Thank you!!
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Re: Question about placing a tunnel cache

Post by jerkybill »

Contact WVTim about the tunnel cache he placed along the bike trail along route 9. Evil genius. It was for one of the Berkeley County geotours.
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Re: Question about placing a tunnel cache

Post by Basssax »

Hi jerkeybill,
Kim Warner,Jr here.....aka BassSax & MrsB.
Years ago there was a geocache called "The Dark" . It was in a water runoff tunnel about 4 feet high and about 30 inches wide. It started at the north side of the B&O Old Main Line train tracks just at the Swinging Bridge location in Patapsco State Park. A flashlight was a must because the cache was located about 50-60 feet inside the "tunnel". It was a metal box chained to the wall of the tunnel by some means. When you were at the cache you had crawled under the now CSX train tracks...creepy because if a train went by overhead the rumble was loud. You were about 20 feet below the track bed.
I've never placed a cache in a drain tunnel, but I've been in some in Dickeyville in Baltimore County. That one was big - about 8feet by 8 feet and it went for about 4 miles towards Garrison Junction off of Liberty Heights Ave.
Best to you with your caching.
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