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Archived Cache Rescue Mission

Plan your group hikes/get-togethers, discuss caches in need of TLC/adoption plus new & favorite caches, as well as park/geocacher relations.
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Archived Cache Rescue Mission

Post by robert »

The MGS is committed to the principle of "leaving no trace". In addition to not tearing up the environment while searching for caches, "leave no trace" also means not leaving anything behind when a cache is archived. Cache owners are responsible for physically removing all caching related items when archiving a geocache and stating in the archive log that this has been accomplished. In the event that this verification is not apparent in the final logs, the cache will be listed in the Rescue Mission thread as needing verification. With the help of our membership, the MGS is determined to keep our public lands free from abandoned cache remnants.

NOTE: While the purpose of the Rescue Mission is to ensure that all archived geocaches not confirmed as removed are checked on, our highest priority is the safety of our members and other geocachers! Please DO NOT attempt to confirm any geocache that is in a location that makes you feel unsafe or uncomfortable for any reasons. Please notify us at rescuemission@ if you encounter any caches you feel are unsafe for Rescue Mission participants or that are on land that is off limits. The MGS will continue to work through our land management contacts to verify the removal of these caches, but we do not want to encourage people to take risks to life, limb, or law.

How do caches get on this list??
When a Geocache is archived in Maryland, the MGS makes a commitment to tracking those archived caches where the removal of the cache container cannot be confirmed.

MGS members will go out to cache sites and verify that the containers have been removed or they will collect them if still present and recycle them. This ensures that no Geocache in Maryland ever becomes litter.

How can I get my cache take off the list?
If you see one of your caches on the list and think it should not be, send a note to rescuemission@ and ask for it to be removed.

How to log a find:

Required to claim a find:
1. Visit the site of a Geocache below.
2. Conduct a search of the area. Make sure that the cache container and none of its contents are laying around.
3. Collect any container and/or trash in the area.
4. Post a note on the archived cache's page stating that you have visited the cache area and have verified it is not present any longer.
5. Send an email to rescuemission
6. We will verify your find and grant you credit for your find.

Optional steps:
7. Take a picture of your GPS if possible at the approximate coordinates of the archived cache's listed coordinates.
8. Take a picture of the recovered cache container(s) and/or contents.
9. Upload your picture to your log.

Please note, that in order for a find to be confirmed, you must post a note on the cache page stating that you have been looking for the cache and it has indeed been removed. Please do this, even if you have confirmed your find in the original thread. We will search all archived caches periodically and adds them to the list. A note on the cache page stating it has been verified missing helps greatly when conducting these searches.
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Re: Archived Cache Rescue Mission

Post by DaisyChain »

Caches That Appear To Be In Need Of Rescue:
  1. Child's Play II Chucky is back in High School - (archived 10/4/08)
  2. Child's Play IV Chucky's Bride is Waiting - (archived 10/4/08)
  3. Family Delight II - (archived 8/8/08)
  4. Fisher's Northwest - (archived 8/8/08)
  5. Hacksta's World Series of Poker Tour - (archived 11/10/08)
  6. Hagers House of the long shadows - (archived 9/1/08)
  7. Seed in the Woods - (archived 10/4/08)
  8. Stump II - (archived 1/6/07)
  9. The Cache of Levitation - (archived 9/28/08)
  10. Waterbury - (archived 1/20/09)
  11. Winters Run View - (archived 1/3/09)
Caches Rescued:
  1. It's All Business - (archived 9/11/08, rescued by richeym1 11/2/08)
  2. Little Squirt of Lusby - (archived 9/11/08, rescued by richeym1 11/2/08))
  3. Heard It All Before? - (archived 10/28/08, verified gone by TheWoodenRadio 11/3/08)
  4. BlackEyedPeaFan1248 - (archived 10/28/08, rescued by jfigel 11/22/08)
  5. Flying High Pilots Cache - (archived 1/3/09, rescued by Shady 1/4/09)
  6. 3232 USFS Lane - (archived 2006, rescued by jfigel 1/18/09)
  7. Goose Crossing - (archived 1/3/09, rescued by Three'sCompany 1/30/09)
  8. Wooden Trio - (archived 1/3/09, rescued by Three'sCompany 1/30/09)
  9. Mall Rats - (archived 10/23/08, rescued by Three'sCompany 1/31/09)
  10. Songs from the Wood - (archived 1/22/08, rescued by jfigel 2/1/09)
  11. Thick as a Brick - (archived 1/22/08, rescued by jfigel 2/1/09)
  12. Too old to Rock & Roll, too young to die - (archived 1/22/08, rescued by jfigel 2/1/09)
  13. Honeygo Lightly - (archived 1/12/08, rescued by jfigel 2/15/09)
  14. Carlin's Sox Box - (archived 1/3/09, rescued by Party_of_Eight 2/19/09)
  15. Acrophogia - SESC - (archived 1/3/09, rescued by wirtz 2/26/09)

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