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Help with a GeoArt Project?

Plan your group hikes/get-togethers, discuss caches in need of TLC/adoption plus new & favorite caches, as well as park/geocacher relations.
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Turtle Seeker
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Help with a GeoArt Project?

Post by Turtle Seeker »

I've had an idea for a Geoart themed project, but I don't have much experience with hiding caches, or knowing how to create the Geoart design, etc. I have worked up a bunch of the puzzles for the project in a format similar to the puzzle in this cache GC4YVQY. I wanted to see if there would be anyone out there interested in helping me complete this project. I live in Frederick so would probably want to try and place the caches in that surrounding area, so they would be easier to maintain. I was thinking something with 20-25 caches at the most.

Please let me know if you would be interested and then I can show you my idea and what I have put together so far.
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