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Posted: Sun Jul 10, 2022 7:35 am
by FrancisScottKey
We are going on a world wind tour (just the USA) and taking a break from reviewing during this time. We have arranged for 2 other reviewers to take our place from July 13-24. GeoCrater and Heartland Cacher will be taking turns during this time. You shouldn't see any difference but in case you do that is why. Plus this is your chance to have another reviewer, review and publish your cache.

Looking forward to the rest of the summer (August 10-22) we will be heading out west to the GeoWoodstock and HQ event in August. Because so many other reviewers are doing the same we will continue to review during this time, however next day service will not be the norm during this time so plan accordingly. We will post again as a reminder once these dates get closer.