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RIP benchmarking

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RIP benchmarking

Post by PatientRock »

Per a Geocaching HQ note on the forum: ... r-17-2022/
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Re: RIP benchmarking

Post by Dauchsey »

Sorry these are gone. We loved finding the ones that no one had found and had fun searching.

Any chance they will be back in the future??
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Re: RIP benchmarking

Post by littleblkdog »

It is very unlikely that benchmarks will be brought back to the main Geocaching website. It was only a portion of the complete benchmark database that was on the website. And our entries didn’t go anywhere. They tried several times to update the database, but it never worked out.

One option if you like benchmarks, is to look at waymarking. There are a lot more benchmarks in waymarking, and also a variety of types of benchmarks not just the official USGS ones. Waymarking had been hard to play for a long time, but they recently came up with a new application for iPhones, which makes it much more enjoyable. There are many other categories of neat and interesting things to see beyond benchmarks in the waymarking game. It is worth checking out.
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