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2019 April "Caching Kids" Member Spotlight UnicornPartee

Highlighting Maryland's finest cachers!
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2019 April "Caching Kids" Member Spotlight UnicornPartee

Post by Que3nbe3 »

First Name: Rhea
School Grade: 2nd Grade

1. What is your geo-name or do you share a geo-name with your family?
~ UnicornPartee. I picked the name because I like unicorns and parties.

2. What is your favorite thing about geocaching?
~You get to find stuff and sign stuff and trade stuff. I have a treasure box of stuff I traded for.

3. Do you tell your friends about geocaching?
~Friends at school and girls scouts.

4. Have you ever taken your friends geocaching with you?
~So far just family. Mostly grandpa, aka Diamondback7.

Rhea & Diamondback7 at FYC-Columbia River Park

5. What types of caches do you like to find?
~Ones with tradeable items in them.

6. Of all the caches you have found, do you have a favorite?
~We found many while doing this year's CAM -- rubber snakes guarding them, or sharks. And the ferry was fun too.

Shark Box

7. Have you hidden or helped hide a geocache?
~Not yet, but I help with taping the camo on them.

8. Do you like going for long hikes or adventurous types of caches?
~Adventurous types.

Rhea on the Delaware/Maryland border

9. What has been your most adventurous or fun cache find?
~Officially, the biggest adventure is CAM 2019, but before I got my name I helped DB7 find many. The start of the Find Your Chesapeake Geotour was a fun day and so was the duck museum from last year's CAM.

HDG Cache

HDG Cannon

At the McKeldin: Sitting Tree cache

10. What is your favorite type of swag to find in a cache?
~All sorts. On some days, I'll end up trading what I traded earlier in the day.

Valentine’s Day Cache

11. What type of GPS do you use? Or do you?
~DB7 uses a smartphone and I carry the garmin.

12. Do you like going to geocaching events?
~ I do.

13. If so, what was your favorite geo-event and what made it so much fun?
~I won trackables at two different events. The Ducktales is in Alberta Canada and the GIFF trackable just left the BWI TB Hotel.

High Point, Maryland

14. Do you participate in other activities or sports?
~I am a Brownie - Troop 1707

15. What suggestions do you have for cache hides, hiders, events, or event games?
~I like cool things to see and things to trade for.

16. Is there anything else you would like to share?
~I have my own UnicornPartee pathtag. Grandpa got them for me to trade.

My UnicornPartee pathtag and my unicorn trackable

17. What do you want to be when you grow up?
~A veterinarian to help animals.
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Re: April 2019 "Caching Kids" Member Spotlight UnicornPartee

Post by zumbido »

I recognize that shark! Thanks for finding my cache, UnicornPartee!
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