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Dinosaur Series (GC3NZCC etc)

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Dinosaur Series (GC3NZCC etc)

Post by Serrabou »

Do you like scrambling on rocks, climbing trees, crossing streams, doing puzzles, following letterbox-like directions, and hunting for interesting hides? If so, here's a string of caches (with more to come) put out by GeoB3A. He's placed 16 caches in the last half of 2012 from Sligo Creek down to Cabin John, ranging from quick hitters to decent hikes with several stages, a few puzzles and a couple of follow-the-directions hides. While there is something here for everyone, the terrain and difficulty is geared towards the adventuresome sorts. Come give some (or all) of them a try some time!

Start off easy with
ImageDinosaur Series #1...Apatosaurus

and work your way up to...

ImageDinosaur Series #16...Palaeobatrachus

And of course keep an eye out for new ones...10 to go!
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Re: Dinosaur Series (GC3NZCC etc)

Post by nytepyre »

Thanks for putting these on our radar! We trust your taste in caches and this looks like it'd be right up our alley. :)

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