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2019 MGS Summer Picnic - Tag-A-Palooza!

Wed May 15, 2019 7:37 pm

The Tag-A-Palooza 'raffle' is returning again this year!

Participation is simple - bring PathTags (or Extagz), and get a raffle ticket for each unique tag you contribute (i.e., bring 1 tag, get 1 ticket; bring 5 unique tags, get 5 tickets, etc.). Wait for the drawing at 3:15pm when one ticket will be drawn - the winner takes all the tags donated!

Don't have any tags? Raffle tickets will also be available for purchase into Tag-a-Palooza. Tickets are $1 each, or 6 tickets for $5.

Last year’s winning lot included nearly 100 PathTags, so bring any number of tags you would like to contribute. What a great way to expand your PathTag collection, or to start a new one!

Re: 2019 MGS Summer Picnic - Tag-A-Palooza!

Thu May 16, 2019 2:11 pm

Count me in. Maybe I can won two years in a row. :whistle:
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