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Power Trail Suggestions

Plan your group hikes/get-togethers, discuss caches in need of TLC/adoption plus new & favorite caches, as well as park/geocacher relations.
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Power Trail Suggestions

Post by Chessie81 »

Not sure why, but I was bitten by the 24-hour achievement bug back in September when Zepp914 and I earned 24 finds in 24 hours while completing the Washington County trail. So this summer I want to try for 48 in 24 and possibly 72 in 24. I have a few questions:
1. Any suggestions for power trails in the area? Does have to be in Maryland. I'm willing to travel to PA, MD, WVA.
2. If I was to just complete 72, do I automatically qualify as having 48 as well? Probably a dumb question....

Thanks fellow cachers. Seriously don't know what I would do without this community forum :)
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Re: Power Trail Suggestions

Post by nighthawk700 »

There's the Delaware Power trail. I teamed up with mjb007 and ragtop86. I drove my van and left the sliding doors open. We targeted several outside of the trail and were able to do 180 caches in a single day. According to the note on the cache page one section of the trail has been closed to cars, so there will be a little bit of walking involved in that section.
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Re: Power Trail Suggestions

Post by lpaulriddle »

Thanks NH. I hadn't heard of that trail. There's a cache out in Cunningham Falls State Park called "The Centum Challenge" (GC1KCQW) that requires you to find 100 caches in a single calendar day. I found it and signed the log back in November, but had no idea where in this area I could go to find 100 caches in a day. I'll have to put this one on the list.

While not a "power trail" per se, I'll put in a plug for the Maryland Star (GC4YVNQ). 50 caches all in pretty close proximity (spread across two parks), although they are definitely not park&grabs. But with a bike, you could knock off quite a few of them in a day. They are all quality hides, and most (but not all) are pretty easy finds.

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Re: Power Trail Suggestions

Post by coupleocachers »

If you are looking for a lot of caches to do.
You have the Excellent Adventures of the Zombie Horde series for a total of 75 caches.
Plus you have 65 Zombie Land Puzzles
Any multiple Whereigos in the area. Then if you are looking for a nice bike ride you have the Chuck Co Caches(Not All 50 are active any more) plus additional caches in and around. If you were to bike the loop you can achieve at least 30 caches in 3 and half hours.
You could beat 72. Just come on down to waldorf.
Here are links to each of the series I told you about
Chuck Co Caches Original Bookmark List

Excellent Adventures of the Zombie Horde

Zombie Land
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Re: Power Trail Suggestions

Post by ksullivan »

On the Eastern Shore, we have the TAD series. I don't know if you would want to bring a child since most of the caches are right off the road. Some of the roads can be busy. is TAD #1 and is TAD #258.
There are also a couple of night caches around Salisbury: GC3G80Y , GC3MYA2.
However, the best night caches I have done are the ones in Sleepy Creek (West Virginia.)
Good luck!
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Re: Power Trail Suggestions

Post by CacheNCarry45 »

WV Star is super easy and all PnG's mostly. You can finish that in 5 hours or less.
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Re: Power Trail Suggestions

Post by Death Wish Dave »

Even though I'm no longer a fan of Power Trails, at one time I did the C&D Canal power trail. We got 159 caches in about 5 hours. The first one is C&D 01.

Of course, there's a Mason Dixon Trail power trail on the Susquehanna just over the PA border. 23 caches, most of which are 4.5 terrain! TAKE A HIKE!™~Peaceful Pass-age is one of my favorite caches ever. Don't underestimate the terrain though. Definitely challenging trails.
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Re: Power Trail Suggestions

Post by Dradicus »

:knocks the dust off:

Was just browsing through being new around here and came across this... Back in November myself and a few others worked on the take me home country roads series up in the sleepy creek WMA in WV (GC46JZ5) and all 92 of those plus a few others up there I hadn't gotten yet left me with 107 finds in one day, with the 92 caches being done in roughly 6 hours with 4 of us. Lots of awesome caches up there.
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