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CAM 2016 Excursions?

Plan your group hikes/get-togethers, discuss caches in need of TLC/adoption plus new & favorite caches, as well as park/geocacher relations.
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Turtle Seeker
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Location: Frederick, MD

CAM 2016 Excursions?

Post by Turtle Seeker »

I was looking for a group or anyone who may be going to find some of the CAM caches during this upcoming week. I have taken time off from work, but none of my friends are able to go with me and I hate going alone. I live in Frederick so could meet up with you where ever and of course help with driving and/or gas. The only day I can't go is Tuesday. :)
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Re: CAM 2016 Excursions?

Post by bardenl »

How about Thursday? I am retired and live in Bethesda. Barden
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