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2019 May: 1 aMAZEing cache

Special caches in Maryland!
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2019 May: 1 aMAZEing cache

Post by Que3nbe3 »

Greetings MGS! Here we are in June already! I intended to post this a week ago for the May Cache of the Month, but this time of year tends to be a busy one in our household and time just got away from me. I would like to bring your attention to a geocache that is fun, a bit challenging, in an easy-to-get-to location, and has the potential for many more favorite points. Take a drive out to Kent Island (across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge for most of us) head toward this a-MAZE-ing cache! Enjoy finding other caches in the area afterward.


1 aMAZEing cache

GCCode: GC84AR0

This is a gadget cache, and is the biggest cache of any type that I have seen so far in my short geocaching history. It took me two different tries to get to the log, but I enjoyed the process. The employees of the nearby business know about the geocache, and are likely to come outside for breaks once in a while, so don’t let their presence put you off. This cache has been published since March 4, 2019, but has been given a favorite point by 73% of premium members who have found it!

Where it's located: Just off Romancoke Road and Kent Manor Drive on Kent Island. Two caches that are part of the Maryland Chocolate Trail are nearby.

Favorite Points: 29

Description: Accessible on foot and parking is nearby.  

Two weeks to build and 8 months to find a good place to put it; this Cache host was built using my brains and power tools. Although not the most scenic area it will definitely be my ultimate cache to date. The cache host was built from the ground up and was not only a great outlet of my winter months but also an introduction into my favorites. Gadget caches. This is not your run of the mill host, no film container, or LPC hide here folks. it was an adventure in the making and hope you have an adventure getting to sign the log. PLEASE NO SPOILERS!  Any spoiler logs or pictures will cause your log to be deleted if they show anything  that will give away how to open the cache container..I had my original ideas twisted using WVTims great creative mind so my Thanks to him for teaching me. MM52 gets kudos for not only being a sounding board but also my Beta tester. I hope you enjoy this very Unique Cache. All TOTTS except flashlight if you come at night are provided.

Please be kind and keep the place clean so that we can all enjoy. Put all parts back where you found them. If you come as a team you might want to give everyone a chance to try it out. (Close the door [;0] Do NOT sit or stand on anything other than wooden floor. Have fun and send me your adventures via logs. 

Added note. DO NOT call the store, they will not help you with the cache, also please make note of difficulty Rating. Thanks!


Selected Finder logs:

Nomaland: I knew about this one from a post on FB and being friends with the CO I
just had to made this my first stop heading East from home to find the CAM caches.

Finding the cache was no problem, it's right out in the open...LOL. Once past the door I had a blast playing with this thing and that thing and all of the keys but it came to a point where i was no closer to the log then when I first open the door, well what am I missing??????
Looks like it's time to look at this a little more seriously. After a couple of min. I found just what I needed and the Ammo can was in hand. I had a blast playing with this cache but felt sorry for my wife sitting out in the RV waiting on me....LOL...OK not to I did have fun with
this. CO...great job, fav. point from me.

Thanks Ddubz1 for the fun of the hunt.....TFTH.....TFTC

Shamwow1: Wow, what an awesome cache. Never thought I'd see one this big on Kent Island. Took me about 20 mins to solve, very clever. Suprised to see how new this cache is as well. Took a bowling pin trackable, which sounds crazier every time I think about it. Gonna find a Large cache to drop it off at soon. TFTC!

MJBinski: This was the first cache of the day. This cache wasn't on my radar until littleblkdog recommended it on a MGS Facebook post. I'm so glad we stopped here. I absolutely love this cache! Thank you for putting something so awesome together! It was still dark out, but when I saw that this was available 24/7, we just HAD to stop. I'm so glad we did! I fumbled around with most of it and got to a point where my inner monologue kept repeating,
"What am I missing here?"

Tmustang1: I popped inside and it was my turn to hold the flashlight. A few minutes passed and he had things figured out. I had tried his method, but apparently I didn't try hard enough. We discovered the big trackable and tmustang1 dropped two that he picked up in Florida.

I LOVE THIS CACHE! I see many many many favorite points in your
future. Well done!


Found on Thursday 4/4/2019


Al’s Guide: Came to do CAM with Always Lost 00, Dradicus, and Sheeva86. This one was on our list to find. Well we found the cache easily and spent some time getting to the log. Had many ideas and even tried the spoon without much luck. Then AL00 came up with the critical element to open the cache. I had looked there and did not find that. Got it open and signed the log. TFTC

RMNedrow: {FTF} I saw this cache publish and had to go for it. I had seen a teaser pic on Facebook and just had to see what it was. The CO's other gadget caches have not disappointed yet and this one is supposed to be even better. I called lostsole68 to see of he wanted to go. We met up and made the hour long drivr to GZ. I had no clue what we would be looking for and i was pleasantly surprised by what we found. I took a few minutes to check it out before we started trying to get into it. After doing what was needed to retrieve the log book I called the CO. Apparently the way we got in should not have worked. Per her direction we rectified the problem. This cache is definitely near the top of my list for coolest I've done. Thanks for putting what I would assume was many hours planning and building into this cache. We did leave the FTF prize for someone else since myself and lostsole68 have plenty.
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