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November Geocaching Hike for Dog Owners

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November Geocaching Hike for Dog Owners

Post by Driddy »

I was an active geocacher and MGS member from about 2009 until 2015ish but have gone only occasionally in recent years so I feel a bit rusty regarding both the local (Montgomery County) geocaching scene and the game (it seems there are a lot more side games of late). Anyway, I am an officer of Capital Dog Train Club, which is an AKC club focussed primarily on obedience, rally, and agility. The AKC has recently created a program that encourages clubs to go on group walks (with dogs, of course) as a means for promoting human and canine fitness. It struck me a geocaching outing would be an interesting and enjoyable activity for the club. I recently made a brief presentation to about 30 members and there was a great deal of enthusiasm for having a geocaching outing somewhere in Montgomery County.

I would welcome any advice MGS members might wish to offer regarding a good location, how many people to have in each group (I am assuming it would be good to subdivide the group -- at this point I don't know how many will attend but I suspect it will be about 20), and most importantly, where to hold it. The event will be in November and I would have like to have held it at Rachel Carson Conservation area because there is good parking, well-marked trails, the dogs could swim in the Hawling River, and there are caches every .1 mile. The problem is that they are mostly Premium caches and I really don't want to encourage first-timers to pay for a Premium membership. The membership is mostly in the 50-70 year old range so most terrains should be ok. Any suggestions for a good set of caches? Any other advice?

Thank you!
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Re: November Geocaching Hike for Dog Owners

Post by _JohnnyCache »

If you think Rachel Carson Conservation Area is an ideal area for you, don't let premium hold you back. Just reach out to your local reviewer who has access to 30 day codes to "test drive" premium for folks who have not had a premium membership before. You may have to help folks get setup but then everyone could have access to premium for the outing. Folks could then determine if they want to continue premium benefits after the 30 days based on their experience at the outing.
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Re: November Geocaching Hike for Dog Owners

Post by Georick402 »

I am the cache owner of most of the caches in Rachel Carson and wouldn't have a problem opening the caches for all to enjoy. If this is your plan, you can email me at
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