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Cache Across Maryland (CAM) Frequently Asked Questions

Discussion of CAM, the CAM caches, etc. NO SPOILERS PLEASE!
The Bellos
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Cache Across Maryland (CAM) Frequently Asked Questions

Post by The Bellos »

I sent our completion email on 4/22 and haven't received a reply. I made sure to check my spam box. Should I resend it?
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Re: Cache Across Maryland (CAM) Frequently Asked Questions

Post by Nothereeither »

Any one know how to download a Whereigo cartridge from an unpublished cache? Whereigo does seem to know about by GC, name, or nearby ones.
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Re: Cache Across Maryland (CAM) Frequently Asked Questions

Post by jpatton »

The cartridge is currently inactive. There is on link on the cache page that works. ... c37ae19303
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Re: Cache Across Maryland (CAM) Frequently Asked Questions

Post by J.J.PEW »

Is there a way I can get a copy of each cache page without having to write everything down from my GPS? How can I check the virtuals on Certitude if there is no cache page? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!
AL's Guide
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Re: Cache Across Maryland (CAM) Frequently Asked Questions

Post by AL's Guide »

If you look in the CAM 2020 Thread posting from this morning you will find all the downloads. If you choose the 'Download all of the above...….." You will get to look at all the cache pages and the handouts from the Kickoff Events and you can print all that you are needing.

The two CAM 2020 Virtual caches have been published on and that is where you need to look them up to get Certitude responses.
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Post by cache4klunkers »

Hi there! I did all 56 caches and am seriously desirous of the lovely geocoin. But I cannot attend the picnic without risking divorce from muggle hubby. Can a friend purchase a coin for me at the party if she brings my redemption certificate and $15? Can she do it at the same time she receives her coin? I ask because she has a plane to catch and cannot stay at the picnic very long.

Please let me know of any other options for purchasing the 2023 geocoin please!

I am so grateful for all the time and thoughtfulness that went into CAMs (past and present). Thank you!!!!!

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