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2024 CAM Information Page

Discussion of CAM, the CAM caches, etc. NO SPOILERS PLEASE!
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2024 CAM Information Page

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CAM 2023 FAQ

The following is a list of frequently asked questions about CAM. Most of these questions have been accumulated from previous FAQs posted to the forum with a couple new ones added this year. Be sure to subscribe to this thread to receive the most current information about CAM 2024 as we approach the kickoff day!

What is CAM?
CAM (Cache Across Maryland) is an annual event hosted by the Maryland Geocaching Society. MGS members are chosen by the MGS to place caches in various locations all over Maryland. Your mission is to find a minimum of 10 caches and have a wonderful time travelling around this fine state. If you find at least 10 geocaches and gather the special code from each one, you’ll earn a unique certificate of achievement AND a free, limited-edition CAM 2024 geocoin.

When is CAM?
It varies from year to year, but the hunt typically begins on a Saturday in mid-to-late-March. This year’s CAM begins on Saturday, March 23, and the picnic will be on Saturday, May 11th.

Where is the picnic?
The picnic will be published 2 weeks before the date. However, you still need to record the code words hidden within each CAM cache. There will be files handed out at the kickoff events and on the forums for you to print if you choose not to attend a kickoff event.

Who can participate?
Any geocacher can participate, regardless of experience. You must have a valid account on, and your username will appear on your Certificate of Completion. If you’re not a member of the MGS that’s OK, but you’re encouraged to join. (It’s FREE!)

Do I need to find at least 10 CAM Caches to attend the picnic?
Starting in 2021, any geocacher is welcome to attend the CAM picnic. There will still be something special for the geocachers that have found all 10 CAM caches, over the age 10. You will have to complete the CAM 2024 and come to the picnic to find out!

Boy, there is a lot of driving needed to get all the caches! Can I join a group and carpool?
Of course! Just seek out other participants and form a group. Feel free to post in the CAM forums to team-up and find fellow carpoolers.

What can I expect the caches to be like? How hard are they?
The CAM caches are usually rated no higher than 2.5 Difficulty and 2.5 Terrain. Size is at least a regular. This year there will be various cache types, including Traditionals, on-site Puzzle caches, and mysteries.

What happens to the CAM caches after CAM each year?
The CAM caches are transferred to the hider of the cache or otherwise adopted out and maintained like any other cache. In rare cases the hides are archived, for instance, if hide permission is granted by the land manager specifically for CAM and only up until the date of the picnic.

Where is the cache information for each of the caches?
Starting in 2021, on the morning of opening day, the cache pages will get published on

A word of warning: You MUST adhere to any restrictions on access times for the land the cache is placed on. Violating legal land access times will not be tolerated, is illegal, and puts future CAMs in jeopardy. MGS won’t bail you out of the pokey either. We try to put accurate hours on the cache listings, but it is your responsibility to comply with local laws and posted park hours.

Is there any sort of reward for finishing?
Each person over the age of 10, with a handle will receive a certificate for completing CAM. In addition, those geocachers who are able to attend the CAM picnic will receive a CAM geocoin that is trackable at

If I cannot make the picnic, will I be able to get a certificate and a coin?
Any geocacher who does not attend the CAM picnic will still receive a certificate which can be picked up at a future event, but the geocacher will not earn a free geocoin.

Can I have someone else pick up my coin?
Sorry, you must be present to receive your coin.

Can I have someone buy a coin for me at the picnic?
Yes, once all coins have been handed out at the picnic, the remaining coins will be sold by the MGS officers. You can have someone buy a coin for you.

Each member of my family has their own handle, including our newborn. Will they each get a geocoin for completing CAM?
Every member of your family over the age of 10 who has a handle and found at least 10 CAM caches will receive a CAM coin. Though we do not require it, we encourage families which earn several geocoins to make a donation to the MGS. Selling the remaining CAM geocoins is a way for the MGS to raise money to cover the cost of presenting CAM and other events through the year. Many MGS members with families give a donation at the CAM picnic to cover some of the cost of the geocoins their families earn. If you wish to give a donation, there will be a donation jar located near the sign-in table.

How will you know I’ve found all the caches and I’m finished?
Details on how to tell us you’ve finished can vary from year to year, but it generally involves sending an e-mail to a special CAM Completion e-mail address or submission of a form. It is VERY IMPORTANT to let us know you’ve finished so we can make the picnic as enjoyable as possible for everyone, and so we can have your Certificate of Completion ready for you. Stay tuned to this thread for more details on posting your CAM completion.

Is there anything else to do during CAM but find the caches?
There are often some other contests going on, such as the Best Photo contest, vote for your Favorite Hide, etc., and there are several competitions and awards at the picnic. Suggestions are always welcome!

What if I can’t find one of the caches, it's missing, or damaged?
You can contact any of the MGS Officers at any time to report any issue with a CAM hide during CAM. We’ll coordinate repair or replacement of a hide as quickly as possible so you can make another attempt, but you must find at least 10 of them to complete CAM. After the picnic, please contact the cache owner.

I’m really hungry after all that caching. What’s to eat at the picnic?
The picnic is a grand pot luck and barbeque. A few weeks before the picnic a forum topic will be started where you can tell us what you’re planning to bring. The 2022 CAM Picnic Food and Volunteer List can be found HERE.

Who pays for all this?
You do, through your generous donation of time, goods, or money to the MGS. You can offer monetary support in various ways, including the purchase of MGS and CAM merchandise, direct donations, purchase of an MGS Maryland License Plate, donations of items for MGS Silent Auctions, and participating in other fundraising activities throughout the year. Everything goes back to the community in accordance with our by-laws.

I usually get a hotel on the Friday before the start of CAM in (Ocean City, Elkton, St Mary’s County, Grantsville, etc). Can you let me know if I shouldn’t get a hotel room in one of those locations because there is not a CAM cache near there?
Part of the excitement of CAM is the secrecy of where the CAM locations are, so we will not make a statement, “Don’t get a hotel in Southern Maryland, because we didn’t put any caches there this year.”

I’m new to geocaching and I don’t understand how to load .gpx files onto my GPSr. Is there any way I can get help with this?
Starting in 2021, the caches will be published on However, we are hosting kickoff events to help introduce new geocachers to CAM and to assist with loading cache files onto their devices. The events will take place on Saturday, March 25th from 7.30–8.30am at several locations around the State of Maryland.

How can I stay up-to-date with CAM announcements?
If you haven’t already, you should subscribe to the 2024 CAM Information Page on the forums. Scroll to the top of the CAM Info Page and click the ‘Subscribe topic’ link. If you need help, contact one of the MGS officers.
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