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State Park/Forest Permissions Information - Eastern Region

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State Park/Forest Permissions Information - Eastern Region

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State Parks
Maryland State Parks (official link, by county) | Maryland State Forests (official link, by region)

The guidelines below were supposed to have been adopted state wide throughout our State Parks. Some parks however may not have the latest information and or forms so please contact the park directly if in doubt. The MGS continues to work with our park officials to further develop these guidelines and ensure cooperation. Please be sure to do your part and follow these guidelines, use the forms when you hide caches in these parks and ensure you have permission. Your cooperation helps ensure the future of our sport!

Eastern Region Parks


Park Hours are 9:00 A.M. - Sunset

1. You must receive approval from the State Forest and Park Service (SFPS) prior to placing a cache. To obtain the approval you must submit the Cache Approval Form to the appropriate park office. In most cases, you will be advised of a decision within three (3) business days.

2. In cases where a cache is not approved, the SFPS will recommend a more appropriate location for placement

3. A transparent container is required. DO NOT use PVC pipe, Ammo Cans or any other Military looking containers that may cause alarm should an unsuspecting person happen upon the cache. (Tupperware, Gladware, Pretzel Barrel, etc)

4. DO NOT dig any holes or disturb the surrounding environment. DO NOT attach caches to live trees or structures of any kind.

5. DO NOT place your cache in plain view. Attempt to conceal the cache to minimize the chances that a non-participant will spot it, which could cause worry, theft or vandalism. Try to hide the cache off the beaten path by at least a few yards to provide the finder some measure of privacy to sign the log without arousing undue alarm.

6. Clearly mark the container with the appropriate identification, such as “” and the name of the cache. Place a stash note inside explaining the sport to any non-participant who may discover the cache.

7. Think Safety when hiding and/or seeking a cache. Use common sense!

8. As a cache seeker, or cache owner, you must abide by park hours and all other rules and regulations. Carry documentation such as the cache detail sheet, so that you can explain your activity to anyone who may ask.
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