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Obituary of a fellow cacher

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ump35 & bee
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Obituary of a fellow cacher

Post by ump35 & bee »

I just found out that a well known geocacher from the Benezette, Pa. area passed on July 21, 2019 at the age of 62. I had only met him once, but he left a lasting memory and will be missed by the caching community. For those of us who visit Beezette for the annual elk rut, we always also looked forward to searching for his "unique" hides. The containers were normally a work of art. RIP Doug (bubbabeernut) Foster, you will be missed but always remembered.
AL's Guide
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Re: Obituary of a fellow cacher

Post by AL's Guide »

Ump I would like to share your salute to Doug. We were at Midwest Geobash this summer and talking with Beans n Franks about our plans for after that event and he informed us that BubbaBeerNuts had a lot of caches where we were going and that he had passed on. We found many of his caches near Benezette and they were delightful. Not hard but usually embellished with animals on the outside of the containers. One lead us to a very nice place to eat lunch. They were all good and he will be missed. Sleep well our friend.
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