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Pathtag logging problem "ZERO_RESULTS"

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Pathtag logging problem "ZERO_RESULTS"

Post by joejackson »

I had a problem logging some pathtags from the weekend using the coordinates that I copied and pasted from the page for the cache where we swapped them. I received a pop-up error message saying "Geocode was not successful for the following reason: ZERO_RESULTS" which prompted me to contact for help. After a few emails, I learned that I wasn't the only one having the problem, and that it's possible that Google may have changed it's Maps API. There is a pretty simple workaround, but it takes just a little math to make it work. You need to convert the coordinates from the cache description to decimal degrees. Easiest way to describe this is with an example.

Let's say the coordinates are N 38° 42.480 W 077° 01.317 from the description.

First, let's convert the North coordinate. Take the minutes (42.480) and divide that by 60.
42.480 / 60 = 0.708
Now take the North degrees (38) and append the digits after the decimal point to get 38.708.

Now, West. Exact same steps. Take the minutes (01.317) and divide that by 60.
01.317 / 60 = 0.02195
Now take the West degrees, dropping the leading zero (77) and append the digits after the decimal point to get 77.02195

We drop the N and W in the coordinates. North is positive, West is negative, so your converted coordinates will be
38.708 -77.02195

Those coordinates will work perfectly on and represent the same location as the original coordinates. They are working on a fix.
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Re: Pathtag logging problem "ZERO_RESULTS"

Post by Satch47 »

Thank you so much JoeJackson for the Great answer. I am having the same problem with Pathtags. I like to see the PT map that shows the line from where found to home and now I hope this fixes that.
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