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Car Navigation GPS

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Car Navigation GPS

Post by Satch47 »

I use a Garmin Nuvi 2595LMT to navigate from Cache to Cache then when I arrive close by I switch to a Garmin Dakota to zero in on the prize. The Nuvi is good but I CAN NOT see the screen in the day time. This is very frustrating. My question is: Can someone recommend a car (not handheld) navigation GPS that has a very bright screen for day time use. One that I will have no trouble seeing any time of day.
Thanks in advance.
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Re: Car Navigation GPS

Post by littleblkdog »

The best option I am familiar with is Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. When your phone is plugged in and routing to a cache with Cachly it will automatically show you routing.

I don’t have it in my car but wished I did.

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Re: Car Navigation GPS

Post by djjames »

I use google maps with android auto. If parking coordinates are given for the cache I enter those into the navigation search bar. If no parking is given I enter the cache location and google maps will get me to the general area. Often I can find a place to park when I get there.
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