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March 2018 Member Spotlight: Cody Hollow Farm

Highlighting Maryland's finest cachers!
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March 2018 Member Spotlight: Cody Hollow Farm

Post by FatBaldOldMan »

Interview Date : March 7, 2018

Caching Name : Cody Hollow Farm

Real Name : Stacy Hindt

1. How did you become involved in geocaching? When did you start? I started caching March 5, 2007. I had gone with a friend and liked it so I immediately signed up.

2. How did you choose your caching name? I chose the name of my farm located near Fair Hill Md.

3. How many caches have you found so far? 13 thousand and counting.

4. What brand/type of GPS do you use? I use an Oregon 550 as well as my Samsung. phone.

5. What programs/software or hardware (PDA/laptop/phone) do you use to make caching easier?

Gsak on my laptop. I also utilize my mobile hotspot to cache on the road as i travel.

6. What type of cache do you prefer seeking – traditional, multi, puzzle, virtual?

Virtuals, trafitionals, earthcaches and web cams.

7. Which caches were the most challenging – physically/mentally? Why?

When i was extremely overweight, everything was hard. Now i pace myself on long hikes amd climbs. And ask for help on puzzles when i get stumped.

8. Do you have a favorite or favorites among the Maryland caches that you’ve found?

(Feel free to list a favorite for each type of cache) Do you have a favorite in a nearby state?

Jusefs Cache! (GC1FD)

All virtuals are favorites.

CAM caches because they take me to great locations.

Out of state… the web cams in Alaska and Hawaii. Brazil Ape Cache which I found 11th anniversary of geocaching! ( I found the Washington Ape Cache my first year of caching) I’ve cached in all 50 states and several South American countries and have enjoyed the caches immensely.

9. What’s the most unusual thing that you’ve ever found in a cache? Condoms, new in the wrapper

10. What are your current caching goals? Is there a certain cache that you can’t wait to do?

To find the oldest cache in each state ( which means I'll do all 50 states twice!!)

Find all the virtuals in Maryland.

Each county in NY state (where i grew up)

And to do as much of Canada as I can.

11. How many caches have you placed? Do you have a current hiding goal?

Over the years..a little over 20-30. Now that I have a great job and more time, I'm planning hiding more.

12. What advice would you give someone that wants to place a cache? What steps do YOU take when placing a cache? Check your waypoints and average them. I always average mine. I ask friends to beta test before I submit to be published. And if you have access to pill bottles, remove the labels. Dollar store duck tape is my friend.

13. How often do you go caching? At least once a week with my girlfriends in Delaware. We call ourselves the Salty Wenches and we have a great time.

14. What advice would you give a beginning geocacher?

Go with others. Many eyes make searching easier. And you'll get invaluable advice.

15. Have you completed CAM in the past? What was your favorite aspect?. Many, many CAMs! I've done it in a weekend, and stretched it out over several weeks. I LOVE the thought and planning that goes into it. And the adventure it takes me on.

16. Do you collect geocoins? Of the ones that you’ve collected, which is your favorite? Yes!! My ape coins from Washington and Brazil. Any challenge coin I've earned. My Run for the Roses coin and my geocachers for Christ coin.

17. What type of gear do you carry with you on your caching trips? What’s in your geopack? Depends on day trip or extended? I carry gear for both in my Subaru. Water is a staple. I carry spare batteries, trash bags to carry trash out, gloves, wipes, biodegradable TP, and a first aid kit.

18. What is your most memorable caching experience? Spending ten days in Hawaii with my family. Queens Bath was our family highlight. (GC2ERV1)

clothing optional in Florida was fun

The week plus in Nevada doing the ET Trail, and other trails. Driving over the Sierra Nevada’s and fording the stream.

19. What is your best caching story? There are so many. But the best was when I was in Alaska with my 14-year-old son. I pulled safely over 300 feet down the road so I could take a picture of a baby moose. Said 8’ baby moose did a vertical jump 6’ over a concrete road barrier and started to charge. My son was laughing as I literally tossed my camera at him (think Canon Mark ii 7d, ) and jumped in and gunned away. Later on, I got nice shots of a huge bull moose a safe ¼ mile away laying down in a field eating grass while his lady friend stood nearby. There was no running away that time!

The other was when we did the ET Trail and a jet appeared shooting flares ahead of it. As it approached us, it started a vertical climb almost over our heads, and we heard it break the sound barrier.

20. What do you like about geocaching? What keeps you going? The adventure. The friends, the good times with friends.

21. Besides geocaching, what other things do you like to do? Well, photography is a biggie. I'm a part time professional photographer. I also ride horses, and I own part of a racehorse. I'm big into photographing at local point to points, and of my daughter when she's riding race horses for her job. Cats… I love cats and have a special kitty… lil piss (bleep) or pistol annie or sweet Annie depending on her mood. We have other cats, but Annie holds my heart.

22. What question did you expect us to ask but didn’t. What is the answer? Tell us about your family. Are they cachers too?

My family does cache on healing. My husband is RacerRob. He prefers earth caches and scenic hikes.

Katie our daughter is stinky pony, after her retired race pony. She prefers long hike caches and challenging ones where she has to climb or be physically active to get.

Brandon our son is RaizinBran , after his pet rabbit. Bran likes an easy day of caching, and will provide a diversion if we need one.

I'm grateful to have a family that supports random road trips, my caching habit and my need for adventure. My husband is my biggest supporter and just shakes his head when I talk about where I want to travel nect.

Bonus Questions:

Thank you for asking me!
Al Woltz (AKA: FatBaldOldMan or FBOM)
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Re: March 2018 Member Spotlight: Cody Hollow Farm

Post by Bocco »

Thanks for the great write up! We have been enjoying following your Brazilian Ape Cache adventure. Your pictures were beautiful.
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Re: March 2018 Member Spotlight: Cody Hollow Farm

Post by coupleocachers »

Great write up Cody Hollow Farm. I'm surprised you forgot the Piggly Wiggly story :)
We are now Mr. And Mrs. Coupleocachers and Proud parents of AmeliaGrace
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