Hiker and Crabby are back!

Hiker and Crabby are back!

MGS Hiker and Crabby pathtags are back in stock!  Get yours today!

Click here for ordering instructions!


CAM 2019 Logo Contest – VOTE NOW!

CAM 2019 Logo Contest – VOTE NOW!

The poll for the CAM 2019 logo is now live.  VOTE early and often!  The poll will close as of 31 Jul and be used to advise the Core on the final design of the CAM coin which will be revealed at the CAM Picnic on May 4th, 2019 at ?????.

2018 MGS Summer Picnic

2018 MGS Summer Picnic

The 2018 MGS Summer Picnic will be July 14 at  11Am in Susquehanna State Park.  Come out and enjoy some good food and geocaching fun.  Please post your will attend NOW so that our supporting donors can see just how big an event the summer picnic is for them.  And stop by the forums to let us know what tasty treats you will be bringing with you.

Come on a cachetur with us…

Come on a cachetur with us...

What is a cachetur?  Cachetur is the Norwegian word for a geocaching trip.  Cachetur.no is a user supported geocaching trip planning tool.  Using cachetur.no you can do all of this and more:

  • Plan geocaching trips both near and far
  • Quickly and easily see which caches you have planned as either you or any of the trips participants, own or have found before
  • Receive an automated email if changes are made to caches in your trips
  • Add comments and discuss with other participants
  • Keep track of tasks and answers to earthcaches and virtuals in trips you have planned
  • Get automatic tips and recommendations on your trips
  • Get automatic routes generated on your trips
  • Download GPX files with all caches in a trip
  • Add other waypoints, such as parking lots, sights, etc.
  • See statistics for the caches you plan to find
  • Print lists and maps
  • Import from and export to bookmarks on geocaching.com
  • Share information with GSAK through a macro package
  • Select caches directly from the map on geocaching.com via a user script
    • And much much more …

So come out and join us at NOVAGO cacheturs to Maryland hear a presentation all about cachetur.no by cachetur Ambassador, Instructor and NoVaGo President platoaddict.

Announcing the CAM 2018 decoder…

Announcing the CAM 2018 decoder...

Here it is, the long awaited, super secret CAM 2018 picnic location decoder!  Don’t forget this is super secret squirrel information!  Only those that have plumbed the depths of CAM 2018 get to come and partake in the CAM 2018 Feast!  Also be sure to download your custom and personalized CAM 2018 souvenir suitable for inclusion in your geocaching.com profile.

And in case you haven’t already:

Vote for your favorite CAM cache and make sure the CO of your favorite CAM 2018 cache gets recognized at the Picnic.

Submit your CAM 2018 completion now!

Log your will attend for the CAM Picnic.

Sign-up to bring your favorite dish and to volunteer at the picnic!