CAM Kick-Off Events

Are you ready for CAM? You have 2 weeks to decide where you want to start. The five kick-off events have been published across the State of Maryland. Have you booked any hotel rooms yet? Have you and your geo-friends planned your attack route? Hope to see you at one of the events to get the low-down on CAM for 2020.

West Kick-Off Event – Hagerstown:
Central Kick-Off Event – Columbia:
South Kick-Off Event – Waldorf:
East Kick-Off Event – Salisbury:
North Kick-Off Event – Aberdeen:

2020 Directors

Please welcome the 2020 Directors

alzarius (Adric)
deepdish23 (Mark)
hunterKat (Kathy)
Snurt (Dwight)
robert (Robert)

Meet the Officers!

Don’t forget, the 2020 Meet the Officers event is this Saturday, 9am at the Golden Corral in Frederick. You can find the event page and log a will attend here. And special pricing for the all you can eat buffet is here.

Vote Now! 2019 MGS Awards!

Nominations are complete and the ballot is posted. Vote now for your 2019 favorites. Winners will be recognized at the Meet the Officers event in early 2020. Voting ends December 31st, don’t delay!

Congratulations to the 2020 MGS Core Officers!

Congratulations to the new 2020 MGS Core Officers:

President – tazscouter (Cindy)
Vice President – CodyHollowFarm (Stacy)
Secretary – lpyankeefan (Larry)
Treasurer – lpaulriddle (Paul)
Public Relations – AL’s Guide (Jerry)

2020 is going to be a great year!

Thank you to the 2019 MGS Core including Vice President Soccertoa (Kris Ann), Secretary hunterKat (Kathy), Treasurer lpaulriddle (Paul) and Public Relations QUE3NBE3 (Rebecca).