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CAM 2013 is under way!

If you’ve been living under a rock, you may not know that CAM started today!  For more information about CAM, please check out the CAM forums.  If you’re ready to get started, the important info can be found in this post.  Good luck, and HAVE FUN!

Cache Across Maryland 2011

Spring is fast approaching and that can only mean one thing, the Maryland Geocaching Society’s marquee event of the year, Cache Across Maryland (CAM). The countdown continues until Saturday, March 19th 2011 at around 0600, at that time the CAM caches will be released to the MGS Forums and the Geocaching March Madness begins! Geocachers will have until Saturday May 7th 2011 to complete the statewide trek and find all ten CAM caches, expect to travel well over 1,000 miles in pursuit of your CAM smileys. If you want to dress in style during your journey, custom CAM Gear is available in our MGS Store on Cafe Press. Hope to see everyone on the trails beginning March 19th!


2010 CAM Committee Appointed

The Maryland Geocaching Society announces the formation of its 2010 Cache Across Maryland committee.  This year’s seven committee members are: CoupleoCachers, DudleyGrunt, EagleBlazer, Shady, WVKiwi, Team Yinyang, and WeTheMillers.  The committee is responsible for planning and executing every aspect of what has become the Maryland Geocaching Society’s most popular event.

“America in Minature”

The brainchild of Laura & Joe Tinker (Outsid4evr), the ‘Cache Across Maryland’ is a six-week long event that showcases the history and natural beauty of Maryland by placing geocaches all across the state.  Each cache contains part of a code, that when put together, will lead finders to the final event, a picnic and celebration.

2010 CAM Committee

“I think we had a great session”  said DudleyGrunt when asked how the first meeting went.  MGS Vice President and committee member Shady said, “We have a terrific group of dedicated members from different areas of the state and varying levels of experience, the 2010 CAM may be the best one yet”.   The Cache Across Maryland has been held every year since its inception in 2004.   Keep your eyes on the forums, CAM 2010 is coming!  Are you ready?

Cache Across Maryland 2009

Got CAM?

We do now!!  The long anticipated announcement is here and the wait is over.  Cache Across Maryland 2009 is set to begin.  This year we have added a fun new aspect to our most popular MGS event…. a “Shotgun Start”  Visit the event cache page for all the details and we’ll see you out on the trails soon!

Event page: Cache Across Maryland 2009